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Emergency Pet Care at Central Texas Cat Hospital

Cats can get into all kinds of trouble -- and sometimes the trouble they find presents you with a veterinary emergency. If your pet is struggling with a serious, urgent health problem, you need to know he can get prompt, effective emergency pet care. That's why you'll want to keep the phone number for Central Texas Cat Hospital handy. Our emergency vet clinic in Round Rock can make sure your cat gets the best possible chance for a full recovery.


Common Cat Emergencies

How do you know you have a cat emergency on your hands? Be on the lookout for issues such as:

  • Heat stroke - An overheated cat may appear dizzy, pant or drool heavily stagger, or even loss of consciousness.
  • Dystocia - Dystocia is difficult or dangerous labor. if your cat seems to be taking forever to deliver her kittens, she may be in danger.
  • Urinary dysfunction - Failure to urinate, or painful urination, may be caused by dangerous obstructions such as stones.
  • Digestive emergencies - A swallowed object can cause intense pain and internal damage. A hard, distended abdomen may be a sign of bloat, a condition that normally affects dogs but can also affect cats. Uncontrollable diarrhea and vomiting can cause fatal dehydration.
  • Trauma - Fractures, uncontrolled bleeding, and other trauma should be considered an emergency.

Smart Responses and Emergency Vet Care Options

Responding correctly to an emergency can make all the difference in the outcome for your cat. For example, inducing vomiting in a case of poison ingestion might be a terrible mistake if the substance is corrosive in nature. Your best is always to call our animal hospital immediately and ask for instructions. (If your emergency occurs outside of our regular office hours, call Central Texas Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Hospital at (512) 982-0535 or Emergency Animal Hospital of Northwest Austin at (512) 331-6121.) We will walk you through any immediate steps you need to take and prepare our emergency vet clinic for your cat's arrival. 

You'll find that Central Texas Cat Hospital provides the state of the art in emergency pet care. We can administer in-house lab tests, ultrasound imaging and other diagnostics to get a clear idea of what needs to be done. We can then provide such life-saving measures as hydration, poison neutralization, surgery to seal wounds and repair fractures, and internal surgery to correct dangerous urinary or digestive issues.

Our Round Rock Animal Hospital Can Save Your Cat's Life

Don't wait until an emergency strikes to look for answers to your cat's plight. Be ready to call our Round Rock animal hospital at (512) 388-1299!  


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