In the Community

Trap Neuter Return (TNR)


Due to the current Covid-19 crisis, some of our area resources that were available to community cats (unowned, feral) have had to halt their programs for TNR (trap, neuter, return.) TNR is the only humane way to effectively control community cat overpopulation. Over eighty percent of kittens that go into shelters are from free-roaming, unaltered cats. The best way to keep cats and kittens out of shelters and save lives is through a community strong TNR program.

Sam Bass Veterinary Wellness has partnered with the Shadow Cats Rescue, a local non-profit leader in the area of TNR. Sam Bass Veterinary Wellness has sterilized and vaccinated 72 and counting community cats since the Covid-19 crisis. We are able to offer these services through our own contributions and with additional funding from Shadow Cats.

If you would like to help with these efforts we ask that you donate to Shadow Cats and specify it is for their TNR program. Please visit their website at for more information and to donate to this program.