Pharmacy Services

Central Texas Cat Hospital Provides Pharmacy Services

Sometimes your pet may require medication once our veterinarians diagnosed your furry companion with an illness or injury. Once our veterinarians prescribe the medication, you will need to get the prescription filled by a pharmacy. Traveling around to find the right pharmacy for your pet’s medication can be a nuisance. At Central Texas Cat Hospital, serving Round Rock, TX and the surrounding areas, we have a pharmacy on site. 

Pharmacy Services

What Our Pharmacy Offers

When you come into our veterinary hospital, you may utilize our pharmacy. We offer most pharmaceutical medicines to tailor to your pet’s needs, whether it is pain medication after your pet has gotten surgery or medication to treat parasites.

If your pet has an infection, our veterinarians may prescribe antibiotics to help your pet feel better sooner. If your pet is suffering from parasites, such as fleas or heartworms, we offer preventative care for that as well. At our pharmacy, we have nutritional counseling and prescription diets for your pet so that your pet can stay healthy and happy.

Why Choose Our Pharmacy 

Our pharmacy is convenient and we offer a variety of drugs to treat most of your pet needs. You are able to get most medications at our veterinary hospital so that your pet can continue the recovery process outside our cat hospital. This makes it easier on your pet as well because your pet may want to relax right away instead of going with you to a different location to find a pharmacy that has the medication. Note that, if we do not have the medicine that your pet needs, our Round Rock veterinarians are more than happy to right a prescription to a convenient pharmacy location for you. We want to make sure that your pet get his or her medication anyways.

At our veterinary hospital, we have on-site veterinarians and technicians available six days of the week who can help you. You may get the answers to all the questions you have about your pet's medication. Our veterinary team can provide you with information as well as a pamphlet, so you're fully aware of how you should administer the medication. You'll know whether your pet should eat before taking the medication or not. You also learn about how frequently your pet needs it. If your cat should have an allergic reaction, you'll know the signs to look for.

Should your pet happen to experience any problems with his or her medication, call our veterinarians right away so that we can assist you with the problem.

Schedule an appointment with Central Texas Cat Hospital in Round Rock, serving Round Rock, TX and the general vicinity, by calling us at 512-388-1299.


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