Regenerative Medicine

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At Central Texas Cat Hospital we strive to offer the best to our patients. This includes being up to date, well versed, trained, and experienced in all the new medical technology as it emerges.

Regenerative medicine is now available to your cat at our pet hospital to help them heal faster, have more mobile years, and feel better. If you are interested in this treatment for your cat by an experienced veterinarian, at our animal clinic we offer many options at Central Texas Cat Hospital to suit your cat’s needs. We serve Round Rock and the surrounding areas and our animal hospital is prepared to assist you with any need your cat has.

Because Stem Cell Therapy is still an emerging technology in veterinary medicine, we wanted to answer a few common questions here. If you have further questions after reading through this page, please contact us!

What Is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is a treatment that uses the patient’s own body to heal or improve. Often in the form of either stem-cell treatments or platelet-rich plasma which uses the patient’s own blood as the source. The results have been proven time and again in laboratory studies, and patients both human and pets have shown increased mobility and faster healing in most cases.

What Types of Conditions Are Treated By Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell treatments treat a wide variety of ailments in humans and animals. Osteoarthritis, bone injuries, injuries to joints, tendons, ligaments, and even spinal cord injuries have all healed better and faster with regenerative medical care. Autoimmune diseases have also been shown to be helped by this breakthrough treatment that uses your pet’s own cells.

What is the Process of Regenerative Medicine Treatment?

First, your pet will need a consultation to see if this therapy is right for their condition, health, and other factors. Once the veterinarian determines that regenerative medicine is the best course of action, we will set up a treatment plan that will include a set amount of time and a definable goal. Because stem cells are found in bone marrow and fat, we will need to remove a sample from your cat to process, isolate and remove the stems cells. These cells are like a blank slate when it comes to healing. Stem cells can differentiate into the specific cell type needed for repair of the injured tissue. After the stem cells are processed from your pet, we will then inject the concentrated cells directly into the site where tissue healing is needed.

Contact Us to Schedule Your Cat’s Regenerative Medicine Appointment

Call us at Central Texas Cat Hospital (512) 388-1299 we are your local veterinary hospital for stem cell treatment for your cat. If your cat needs a boost, set up an appointment to discuss his options today. We serve Round Rock and the surrounding areas.

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